• Welcome to the Engineering innovation symposium
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Speaker Prof. Min ho Chang
    Affiliation Korea University, Medit founder
    Education ▷1987~1991 : 서울대학교 기계공학 공학사
    ▷1991~1993 : 미국 M.I.T. 기계공학 공학석사
    ▷1993~1996 : 미국 M.I.T. 기계공학 공학박사
    ▷1996~2001 : 한국과학기술연구원 시스템연구부 CADCAM연구센터 선임연구원
    ▷2001~2008 : (주)메디트 대표이사
    ▷2009~현재 : 고려대학교 기계공학부 교수

    Speaker Mr. Marc Schroeder
    Affiliation Head of Electronic Materials R&D Center Asia, BASF Company Ltd
    Marc Schroeder studied chemistry in Germany, France and Hungary and graduated with a PhD degree in organometallic chemistry.
    Afterwards, Marc has taught chemistry at Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan before moving to industry.
    At BASF, Marc has been in various leadership positions in research, product development, and M&A.
    Recently, he headed NORA, BASF's advanced research center in Cambridge, MA that closely collaborates with Harvard and MIT to develop breakthrough technologies.
    Currently, Marc is heading BASF's Electronic Materials R&D Center Asia.

    Speaker Prof. Li Yan
    Affiliation International Business School Suzhou, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
    Education ▷M.S. , Database and Data Management, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Canada, 1999-2001, - 2001
    ▷M.S. , Mathematical Logic, Beijing University of Technology, China, 1980-1983, - 1983
    ▷B.S. , Normal Mathematics, Harbin Normal University, China, 1973-1976, - 1976
    ▷Associate Professor, Mathematics Department, Suzhou University, China - 2003 to 2010
    ▷Lecturer, Columbia College, Canada - 2003 to 2003
    ▷Lecturer, Community College, Canada - 1996 to 2003
    ▷Lecturer, York College, USA - 1995 to 1995
    ▷Lecturer, Hangzhou Institute of Electronic Engineering - 1983 to 1990

    Speaker Dr. Yanliang Zhang
    Affiliation The director of Song Shan Lake XBot Park, China
    Title 중국 기술 창업 현황과 전망 (Tech entrepreneurship in China)
    Education ▷Ph.D., Robotics, Nanyang Technological University, 2006-2010
    ▷B.E., Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, 2002-2005
    ▷Sole Founder of UMath Pte Ltd, ChinaLecturer, Columbia College, Canada - 2003 to 2003
    ▷Sole Founder of MathSource SP, Singapore
    ▷Sole Founder of www.iLoveMATLAB.cn
    ▷Sole Founder of China Robot Investment Funding (www.ChinaRobot.com)
    ▷Robotics Product, Marketing & Industry Manager with MathWorks (USA)
    ▷Principle Architect of Robotics Nanomanipulation System with Hitachi (Canada)
    ▷Distinguished Visiting Professor, ISSAC, CAS, China
    ▷Adjunct Professor, SHNU, China
    ▷Adjunct Professor, XTU, China
    Speaker Kyung nam Kim, CEO
    Affiliation MicroDigital
    Speaker Yoon C. Lee
    Affiliation Senior Vice President
    Head of Content and Services
    Head of the Product Innovation Team
    Samsung Electronics America Mountaion View, California
    Yoon C. Lee is Senior Vice President, Head of the Product Innovation Team (PIT) and Head of Content and Services at Samsung Electronics America.

    He oversees the creation of consumer insight-based innovative concepts for strategic mid-term products across all product categories. He also oversees the Content & Services teams, which create software products for devices including Virtual Reality, Samsung Family Hub refrigerator and other emerging platforms.

    Yoon has 20+ years of product design & development experience. His industry experience includes automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, retail, industrial equipment and telecom services.

    Previously, Yoon was VP of Insight Concept & Portfolio at Samsung Electronics in South Korea, leading Samsung Home Appliance’s midterm products and portfolio development. Yoon earned his PhD from the University of California at Berkeley.
    Speaker Dr. Kyungnam Kim
    Affiliation MicroDigital
    Title Utilization of Optical Technology in Biomedical (Diagnostics) Field
    Microdigital Co., Ltd : CEO (since 2002) Seoul, Korea

    Notherwestern University : Ph.D (1999) in Mechanical Eng. Evanston, IL. USA

    Applied Materials : Manager(1999 ~ 2002) Sunnyvale, CA. USA

    Lawrence Livermore National Lab (1998) : Research Assistant Livermore, CA. USA

    U.C.Berkeley : B.S. (1994) in Mechanical Eng. Berkeley, CA. USA